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Zirts - Your Ultimate Wardrobe Solution!

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Why You'll LOVE Zirts?

High-End Quality and Fine Craftmanship


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Easy To Iron(ETI) fabric
  • Fine craftmanship
  • Stylish - The Perfect Fit 
  • Luxury is all about comfort and feeling good. Flaps cover the zipper on both the front and back so the zippers don’t touch your skin, and you don’t even feel the zippers. It’ super comfy, even if you are seated for a long time.   

Tiers are Interchangeable


Why would you settle for wearing the same two or three skirts over and over when you can have near endless variations of your favorite style if you invest in a few Zirts? Everyone’s favorite feature of the Zirts is the colorful interchangeable tiers that make the design customizable. 

  • Your children can wear a cute matching look, but each can choose the colors and prints they love and customize it according to their personality.
  • Trade tiers with your friends and family to always keep your look fresh. Zirts never get boring!
  • If you get 2 or more base Zirts, you can mix and match their tiers!   

SHARE THE FUN - Swap tiers with all the women in your family!

If your mother or sister has a tier you like, there’s no reason you can’t also use it, even if they wear a larger or smaller size than you do. Your mom’s second tier might become your third and you little sister’s second tier will become your first – but they are all perfectly compatible with your base Zirt and tiers.   

Tiers are Reversible


Thanks to our tiers being reversible, you can

  • Easily change your look during the day, depending on your mood and the occasion. Be a chameleon!
  • Make stains magically disappear. Have you ever spilled your coffee on your outfit? Didn’t you wish you could just undo the stain? If you are wearing a Zirt, you can reverse the stained tier and have a neat outfit for the rest of the day.
  • Have twice as much fun with your set of tiers!   

Extends from mini skirt to full length Skirt


Sticking to the same skirt length throughout the day is so 2018. If you have a Zirt, you can wear a knee-length skirt to work in the morning, rock a miniskirt for happy hour and add a few tiers for dinner with the in-laws. We know you’re living a dynamic life and we want your skirt to adapt to your needs.    

Large functional pockets


In this day and age, no one goes anywhere without their cell phones, and we think it’s unfair that men get to put them in their pockets, no matter what they’re wearing, while women’s skirts usually don’t even come with pockets.

Well, Zirts are not like other skirts. They have pockets that can fit most cell phone models so you don’t have to carry a handbag if you don’t want to and you can always have your hands free.   

Define your own style. Endless Options.


  • Travel light - Be it a cruise trip, a road trip or extended vacation, just throw a few zirts in to your bag and you are all set. 
  • Travel?  Reverse, Swap, Share, Wear - Repeat
  • Matching outfits for the family and friends reunions, Corporate parties, etc., 
  • Increase or decrease the length of the skirt in jiffy, so you are ready for a Friday night party and all the way down to more conservative events
  • Match the colors with your favorite teams color, national flag, etc., 
  • Change the tiers to match with the events or festivals like Valentine's Day, Independenced-Day, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, etc.,      

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